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The marketing and placement strategy of Wyatt Aerosol Systems, LLC is focused on certain key market areas in fields associated with identifying the sources of airborne contamination being of particular importance. Numerous news summaries have focused on the overwhelming contamination of our atmosphere, especially in urban environments. Dangers to human health have become so extreme (e. g. in major Chinese cities) that there has been a renewed focus on trying to identify the sources of such contaminants. Is one particular chemical plant or power station responsible for specific contributions? How effective have remedial efforts been to identify and eliminate the major threats to population centers due to aerosol particles? How can hospitals reduce the incidence of hospital-caused source of patient fatalities? Can cleanroom monitoring become more efficient by identifying early the sources of airborne contaminants?

An area of often greater importance is that associated with finding outliers, especially in the hospital environment where the occasional airborne bacterial cell can result in serious infection or even death. Not only are hospitals affected by airborne infectious agents, but nursing homes and retirement centers have senior populations more readily susceptible to such infections, yet virtually none of the countermeasures so prevalent, though faulty, in hospitals.

As noted earlier, Wyatt Aerosol is a technology spin-off from Wyatt Technology Corporation (WTC), the world’s leading provider of laser-based instrumentation for the study and analysis of liquid borne molecules and particles. During its formative years, WTC became heavily involved in the development of instruments for the analysis of airborne particles. In later years, however, its business became focused entirely on analytical chemistry and the analysis of molecules and small liquid borne particles such as proteins and polymers. The aerosol analysis market is now dominated by several very large firms whose focus is directed primarily to the measurement and counting of such particles by light scattering techniques. A great void still exists for the far more sophisticated instrumentation critically needed to address the ever increasing domestic and environmental consequences of various classes of contamination.

The breadboard instrument currently undergoing testing will form the basis of the preproduction prototypes to be built within the next 12 months. Exceptional physicists, engineers, and mathematicians will be matched to equally outstanding business executives to accelerate the firm to a world class status within a projected 3 year period.

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