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3Facts regarding our analytical instrumentation for continuous aerosol particle characterization and classification.


Aerosol Particle Analysis

Characterization & Sizing

Wyatt Aerosol's new Commercial Products Division now offers an entirely new class of analytical instrumentation for aerosol characterization, sizing, and identification.

We have developed a single particle measurement system for a new class of instruments able to detect, size, and classify a vast range of airborne particulates. This new analytical instrument system will provide aerosol particle analysis for industrial cleanrooms, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospital facilities, environmental research, emissions control, biosciences, nanotechnology, and aerosol research. These new instruments are designed to screen millions of particles, one-at-a-time, and able to measure, classify, and process individual aerosol particles at rates exceeding 50,000 per minute.

Every member of a particle class specified by the user and passing through the instrument is detected in the sampled population. Targeted characteristics may be preprogrammed into the system restricting, thereby, that only specific size and/or physical property particles are selected. In addition, the instrument may be equipped and programmed to capture such targeted particles on a removable tape strip.

These Aris™ (Aerosol Retention and Interrogation System) instruments are designed to search for specific classes of particles and/or produce a histogram of their populations and their relative concentrations. Other illumination sources, such as UV, may be activated to confirm further particle-specific properties.

Look at every particle - millions per day.

The task of searching for a particular type of particles may, at times, seem to correspond to looking for a "needle in a haystack." Key, of course, to such continuous single particle measurement is that every particle drawn into the unit has an “equal opportunity” to be measured. Often it is these rare events that confirm the presence of some specifically sought particles. An example of the need to detect (and subsequently collect) relatively rare particles within an otherwise benign particulate environment are hospital requirements that such environments be bacteria-free. Whether or not the Aris™ unit might have detected such airborne particulates is by no means certain, but at least its focus continues to be the search for outliers. The Aris™  device provides the capability to classify, identify, and collect rare outliers amid millions of normally present particles routinely. This capability to find and collect stray contaminants is unique to particle monitoring instrumentation currently available in the marketplace.

Hospitals must always be concerned with the occasional airborne bacterium. An estimated 1 in 20 patients picks up infections in a hospital or nursing home, infections linked to an estimated 100,000 deaths and as much as $30 billion in medical costs each year. In the hospital environment, particles with vanishingly small populations often pose the greatest danger, yet they remain effectively lost to conventional particle monitoring equipment. Such important particles must be collected for early examination whenever present! Their populations may be far less than one in 106. In addition, the continuous measurement of the ambient environment, one-particle-at-a-time, may well disclose these "rare" outlier populations changing in time or experiencing a sudden concentration spike.

Cleanroom Applications.

Unlike conventional cleanroom particulate monitoring devices, the Aris™ device classifies each monitored particle, permitting thereby far earlier remediation of the contaminant source. The Wyatt Aerosol devices, that we shall manufacture and distribute to a worldwide customer base, are expected to set the standards for performance measurement tools and precision instruments. Building upon the Aris™, the Company expects to offer a variety of other simpler instruments for cleanroom applications, helping customers thereby to ensure regulatory compliance, enhance safety of products, and improve quality.

Aerosol Particle Characterization.

In Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device cleanrooms, it is imperative that Quality Control leaders know if any airborne contaminants put products at risk – immediately. It is also important to understand what the contaminants are, and their origin. Important environmental measurements, like airborne viable particle measurements, assist to keep processes in control and help to find the root cause of unwanted events.

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