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Wyatt Aerosol Systems, LLC was recently spun out from private family-owned Wyatt Technology Corporation ("WTC"), which was founded 32 years ago. Wyatt Aerosol is privately funded and received its initial financing from Dr. Philip Wyatt, its founder. During its early formative years, WTC engaged in considerable research and development in the aerosol fields as described in the sections above. With its tremendous expansion into liquid chromatography for macromolecular characterization, especially in areas related to, WTC had to focus most of its resources within these liquid-borne areas. Further research in the aerosol field ceased as the company extended its reach into such areas as protein characterization and providing the tools needed by the pharmaceutical industry for the development of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. Virtually all the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers use WTC instrumentation. Clients of WTC’s light scattering instruments include: most biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies such as Amgen, Astra Zeneca, Genentech, Glaxo-Smith-Klein, Novartis, Pfizer, Wyeth, and Merck; chemical companies such as ExxonMobil, Dow, Chevron, DuPont, and General Electric, as well as extensive academic and government laboratories worldwide. WTC instruments are sold in 52 countries.

The opportunities recognized by Dr. Wyatt in the aerosol business have become so great that he has decided to take a leave of absence from WTC to devote his energies to building a comparable firm in the aerosol characterization field. Indeed, the opportunities for new instruments to serve the aerosol monitoring markets have become so large, that he and his colleagues expect to play a major role in that area in the very near future. A further motivation has been his relentless focus on creating manufacturing entities in the Nation with their associated creation of new jobs.

Wyatt Aerosol Systems, LLC intends to manufacture and distribute its patented technology along with the proven marketing and manufacturing capabilities of its founder. As a spin-off company, Wyatt Aerosol Systems will have continuing access to Wyatt Technology Company’s infrastructure for consultation and guidance until it is fully staffed and can make the transition to a completely independent entity.

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